The visit of the head of justice of Kerman province to the region

Saturday, June 8, 2024
Hojjatul Islam Hamidi, Chief Judge of Kerman Province, accompanied by Kerman Prosecutor Mehdi Bakshi and a group of provincial and municipal officials visited the Sirjan Special Economic Zone.
According to the region's public relations report, during this visit, Qasim Mirzadeh, the regional director, gave explanations about the activities and measures taken in this region. He raised the issues faced by investors directly with the province's judicial authorities and the chief justice promised to follow up on them. They then visited public warehouses and real estate warehouses in the area and were briefed on their legal cases.
Hojat-ul-Islam Hamidi said at this meeting: The judiciary will provide legal and judicial support to economic sector activists and producers in accordance with the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and for the development of production.

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