Condolences from the Sirjan Special Region on the death of Majid Rahab

Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sirjan Special Economic Zone sent a message of condolences for the death of Majid Raheb, one of the activists of the food industry and Glab Giri, and among the activists of this region.
According to the public relations report of Sirjan Special Economic Zone, Majid Raheb, with more than seventy years of experience in the production of rose water and spirits, his own experiences and the use of advanced machinery , by founding the Iran Rose Factory and the Rabi brand, succeeded in producing sanitary and pasteurized rose water for the first time in Iran, which was the beginning of his continuous efforts to raise the name of the Iran on the world stage.
Over the past few years, this company was determined to open new export markets and now has the honor of winning 15 distinguished and exemplary export titles in its portfolio. Majid Raheb was an international entrepreneur whose reputation extended beyond the country's borders. And he was able to earn the title of “Sultan Gulab Jahan”.
The special estate of the passing of Majid Rehab, the great monk in the field of rose water and spirits production, expresses condolences to his noble family and the industrial community of Iran.

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