Request for assistance and support from departments and institutions of the city of Sirjan

Sunday, April 21, 2024
The director of the Sirjan Special Economic Zone requested assistance and support from the city's departments and institutions in achieving the goals and developing economic activities in the region.
According to the regional public relations report, Qasim Mirzadeh, Director of the Sirjan Special Economic Zone, during this meeting, while congratulating the New Year and wishing success this year, presented a report on the activities carried out in the region and future objectives. and plans. Regarding this year's designation by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution as "Production Leap with People's Participation", he continued: All institutions must fulfill their mission and role well to achieve this, and in this regard , the Sirjan Special Economic Zone As an important economic hub, especially for production activity, it always benefits from the necessary preparation, under the shadow of the support and assistance of other competent institutions, to attract investment and industrial development to the city and subsequently create jobs. According to the director of the region, the necessary platform for the creation of production, commercial and service companies has been provided with the necessary infrastructure for the realization of regional and national investments.
Mirzadeh continued that in the field of local and regional affairs, which include infrastructure, licensing and other related issues, the Sirjan Special Economic Zone has provided them and in the case of cooperation of other institutions and city departments, they will. be available to respected economic activists as quickly as possible. The regional director expressed hope that this year, with the ongoing preparations, trans-regional and national issues such as laws and regulations, foreign policies and consequently trade, export and import, the attraction of foreign investments, the allocation and supply of monetary, the Bank's facilities aimed at providing fixed and circulating capital to production units should be increased. Governor Sirjan also gave favorable promises to achieve these goals.

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