Night visit by the regional director to different departments and units in the zone

Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Following recent rains in Sirjan town and the region, the district head visited different departments at midnight on Tuesday to investigate possible problems.
Following the rains in the southern regions of the country and the warning of flooding and road flooding, in order to investigate and investigate possible problems caused by the rain, the district head visited the road public, industrial complex, warehouses, residential areas, etc. The fire and security services, as well as the protection and regulation unit, thanked and appreciated their care and supervision in preventing possible accidents and preparing for problem solving, and reminded them of the necessary recommendations to prepare for and deal with the incidents caused. by floods and floods.
With the arrival of a new rain system in the southeast of the country, in the last 24 hours (quoted by Online Economy), the town of Sirjan received 3.8 mm of rain, which caused the flooding of many roads in the town of Sirjan, which fortunately, with the measures taken in the special zone, did not cause any problems.

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