Denim clothing production unit to be established in Sirjan Special Economic Zone

Saturday, March 9, 2024
With the initial funding provided by the Imam Relief Committee and also with the contribution of the investor, the establishment of the denim garment production unit is included in the plan and subject to timely completion forecasts in terms of employment and training of the workforce, the establishment of this unit in the first three months and which will be carried out next year. It should be noted that although the necessary measures have been taken to accelerate the launch of this unit by the investor as much as possible, the unpredictability of the increase in the price of goods, including raw materials and machinery and equipment of the production chain, as well as the necessary facilities This poses problems and difficulties for investors in order to provide timely financing and ensure conditions for the creation of production units. Along with financing problems, the constant change of rules and regulations by relevant executive bodies also creates scope for the realization of pre-planned plans, making investors tight and limited.

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