Review of projects under construction by the CEO of the Kerman Development organization

Thursday, March 7, 2024
The CEO of Kerman Development  Organization visited the Sirjan Special Economic Zone and was closely briefed on the progress of the ongoing projects.
According to the region's public relations report, Engineer Afkhami, CEO of Kerman Civil Organization, accompanied by Engineer Wafai, CEO of the region and other officials, visited construction projects under construction yesterday as well as certain production units.
They first visited the ongoing construction project of the multi-purpose sports hall. This project will be implemented in 4 phases at a cost of 700 billion Rials, of which two phases are already completed and the third phase is being implemented.
The construction of the second floor of the Edra Building was another project that the organization's CEO looked closely at. Construction of the second floor of the district's administrative building has started since the beginning of the year and 60% of the physical progress has been made. This project is expected to be put into operation by June next year at a cost of 150 billion rials. Visiting the fleet of the Samangan bar loading and unloading company, which will soon be renovated with the purchase of several machines, was another program of engineer Afkhami in Sirjan.
He also visited industries under construction in the region. Razi chemical company, which is a national brand, plans to start producing all kinds of its products in Sirjan and on this occasion it is constructing a factory building with an area of 42,000 square meters in the area. He was closely involved in the progress of construction work on the site of this factory.
The end of the Civil Organization CEO's trip to Sirjan was a meeting with the deputy and district directors. At this meeting, the regional vice presidents and managers sincerely introduced the unit's performance area and explained the performance report for the first six months of the year.

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