President's meeting with directors of free and special economic zones

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi held a meeting yesterday with managers of the country's free and special zones. During this meeting, which was attended by Engineer Wafai, CEO of the Sirjan Special Economic Zone, the President emphasized the removal of legal restrictions for the prosperity of the regions.
According to IRNA, during this meeting, while offering condolences on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Musa Kazem (a.s.) and celebrating the ten days of Fajr, the President presented important guidelines to improve the functioning of the country's free and special zones.
Referring to the time that has passed since the establishment of the laws relating to free zones and the limitations that some of these laws have created for the activities of free zones, Dr. Raisi considered it necessary to review the existing laws and added: Now, l approach of free zones to resolve past concerns Some harms related to free zone activities, including smuggling of goods and illegal imports, and focus on production and export, it is necessary to develop a project comprehensive law that addresses all obstacles in these areas and include solutions to resolve these problems in the work priority of the competent authorities.
The President continued to cite increasing production and exports as one of the important missions of free and special zones and added: production is necessary to attract capital and investments, but although the amount of investments attracted over the last two and a half years is appreciable, the process of attracting national and foreign capital is still long and involves complications which cause discouragement and disappointment of investors and capital flight.
Stating that the philosophy and basis of establishing free and special zones was to eliminate complexity and cumbersome rules and regulations, Dr. Raisi stressed the need to reform the long and complicated process of attracting investments into free zones. And special and to revise the current procedure. .
The need to activate free zones was approved, the review of financing solutions for free and special zones with the help of the Central Bank, the National Development Fund and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, attention particularly to attract Iranian investments. Abroad by guaranteeing the security of investments and capital gains, the active development of the tourist economy as well as production in free and special zones and the need to investigate and resolve the problems caused by nesting problems of certain free and special zones with urban problems were other important points raised by the president during this meeting.





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