Facilitate a dialogue-based information workshop.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

A training workshop on the principles of conversation and dialogue for content production was organized at the Jahangordi Hotel by the Communication Directorate of the Municipality of Sirjan in the presence of the journalist, director and radio and television host Mansour Bajeyan and a group of journalists and public relations officers.

During this training workshop, which was also attended by the region's PR manager, the basic topics necessary for the production of standard, regular and important content were examined and analyzed.
Content production and optimization of text, video, podcast and infographic content were among the topics discussed at this meeting. In this regard, topics such as how to write titles, how to write and format text, content schedules, visual factors affecting content. , how to edit it, as well as writing a documentary travelogue and the need for dialogue-oriented information in media management were discussed.

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