Implementation of the operation to improve and embellish the southern border of the zone.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

The improvement and beautification operation of the southern promontory of the special zone is underway with the cooperation of the Iranian Comprehensive Health Company (Fateme Al-Zahra Hospital) and will soon be ready for operation.

According to the report of the Vice Chancellor of Civil Affairs and Infrastructure, after the completion of the protective fence inside the region, which separates the warehouse, industry and administration sectors from the recreational sectors residential and tourist areas, the necessary infrastructure has been provided for the reopening of the southern gate of the region.
Based on this report, Fatemeh Al-Zahra (S) Hospital with an infrastructure of over 22,000 square meters and 6 floors was built using the latest facilities of the Sirjan Special Economic Zone. This 128-bed hospital will operate with a particular focus on the heart, and the reopening of this hospital will facilitate the flow of patients to and from the hospital, increase the satisfaction of residents and investors in the region.

We hope that with the completion of this project and the opening of the communication route with the Sirjan Special Economic Zone Square, we will see a proper connection and safer access to the city at the same time as the operation of Fatemeh Al-Zahra Hospital.

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