beginning of the second floor faz 3 of administrative offices.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Finishing the installation of the second floor structure of the administrative office of the special economic zone of sirjan, faz 3 of its construction has started.

According to the report of the deputy for the development of the area, 5 months ago, the designate of the second floor of administrative offices with an area of 850 square meters to start and it is expected that this building will be built in a year . In faz 1 of this project construction of the structure was done at the factory and was unloaded at the place of the administrative building, in faz 2 which started 3 months ago, lifting of the layers of the ceiling is done and then the installation of the structure and the covering of the ceiling to be completed.
  according to this report in faz 3 implemented slopes and cement mixer form of the ceiling and ground floor of the building to start.
according to the estimate of the technical offices, this project will be commissioned from next october with a cost of 85 billion rials.

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