Kerman Idex is the start of the introduction of investment projects by the private sector

Thursday, May 9, 2024
Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Agriculture, emphasizing that KermanIDX is organized with the aim of strengthening investment attraction, introducing opportunities and presenting national models, and introducing neglected capabilities for investment development in this area, said: This event will help attract investments with capacity Support from the private sector and government is emphasized.
Seyed Mehdi Tabibzadeh, Chairman of the Kerman Chamber, said that the main objective of holding KermanIDX is to present the investment capabilities of Kerman province and said: The approach of this conference is national and we We will present in this conference methods that will work at the national level. Of course, in this regard, we invited guests from the BRICS region, Eurasia, CEE, and Shanghai; Because we believe that the circulation of information between the economic actors of the countries can contribute to increasing the level of commercial relations between the countries.
This economic activist said that we are trying to think about what is needed to create a suitable environment for attracting new capital at this conference and clarified: Kerman is a land with high resources and capabilities that should be used in the path to wealth production. To explain these mechanisms, 22 specialized panels will be held on the sidelines of this conference.
He emphasized: We will create a strategic mining council in Kerman, therefore we will organize a meeting of the Supreme Mining Council with the participation of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade on the sidelines of the conference. In fact, due to the mining capabilities of Kerman province, we try to focus well on this area at the IDEX conference.
Tabibzadeh considered the design and introduction of economic development models based on the title of the year as one of the priorities of the KermanIDX conference and emphasized that we are looking for models that can be used at the national level to strengthen investments in various sectors.
With the aim of showcasing the province's investment capabilities, laying the foundation for attracting foreign and domestic investment, and providing national solutions and models to strengthen investment throughout the country, the Chamber of Commerce of Kerman is hosting the KermanIDX conference April 13-16.

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