Planting two thousand olive trees in the region

Sunday, February 4, 2024
Two thousand olive trees have been purchased and will soon be planted to replace the trees in the green spaces in the area.
In this regard, the region's head of space said that lack of water, diminishing underground aquifers, rising temperatures, so-called global warming and pollution are among the problems related to specialized issues of the green space of our climate. In addition, the weakness of the soil in macro and micro terms has doubled the shortages, which is why experts in this field decided to choose species to plant and replace the pines. According to Razia Atash Afroz, the edible olive tree is a symbol of peace, health and friendship, both from the environmental point of view and from the point of view of resistance to drought and disease, etc., and from the point of view of seen as a source of income, it is the best alternative to pines. According to this expert's point of view, trees that dry out in the area for any reason or suffer from fires, etc. are replaced by olive trees. In this regard, the special zone purchased 2,000 olive trees of different species at a cost of two billion rials, and planting work will begin soon.

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