Opening of the neighborhood bakery

Saturday, December 2, 2023
The first bakery was opened in the residential part of the neighborhood.
According to the public relations report of the region, considering the need of residents of the residential sector as well as investors of the industrial sector and warehouses for a bakery unit with full facilities in the residential sector, this issue has been put on today's agenda. Regional directors and the Kerman Civil Organization.
Based on this report, the Sirjan Special Economic Zone built a bakery and handed it over to the private sector based on a documented plan in order to provide optimal service to residents and economic activists based in the area.
This neighborhood was in dire need of a bakery in order to meet the daily and general needs of the residents of the neighborhood. Thus, a building benefiting from a credit of more than 10 billion rials in the residential sector was equipped for this purpose, and its bakery was inaugurated by the private sector last week. Sirjan Special Economic Zone asked all residents of the region and investors to support the region by providing more services by supporting this complex. It is worth mentioning that the supermarket in the area has also started operating since last month and its services have started.

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