Access and transportation ways

Sirjan city is the hub of goods transit from the south, north, northeast, northwest and east of the country. This city is the main corridor between Bandar Abbas to Tehran and Zahedan and Kerman to Shiraz, and its main roads are all two-lane and of good quality. Sirjan city has an active airport and there are daily flights to Tehran from this airport. Also, the national railway of the Islamic Republic of Iran passes through the city of Sirjan and the Sirjan railway station is one of the main railway stations from the north to the south of the country, and with the efforts of the managers of the Sirjan Special Economic Zone, there are 9 kilometers of railway tracks in the region. which connects Sirjan region to the national railway. Also, the cargo terminal of Sirjan city is located in the vicinity of the region, and cargo transportation from regional companies is easily done either by rail or by road.