Investment incentives

1- Permissibility of registering a joint stock company to operate in the special zone with any amount of foreign shareholder participation
2- The exclusion of production and service activities from the inclusion of the labor law and compliance with the laws and regulations of the country's free zones in matters related to the employment of human resources and labor relations, insurance and social security
3- No need to obtain common permits from various departments for economic, civil, construction, cultural, educational and service activities in the Sirjan special area. The organization in charge of the special zone replaces all related devices and issues the necessary permits directly
4- Low cost of stocking goods and raw materials
5- Existence of work unit and employment services in the region
6- Existence of services and services of international single and mixed cargo transportation
7- Availability of quick and cheap unloading and loading facilities
8- Customs and laboratory facilities and control and inspection of sgs goods
9- The existence of Rial and foreign currency branches of various banks
10- Existence of commodity insurance offices and international support services for commodity and capital guarantee
11- The existence of a double cold room with a capacity of 5000 tons of goods
12- Existence of fire extinguishing system and fire extinguishing piping
13- Existence of industrial and potable water piping system from city water and Tanguyeh dam
14-Possibility of power supply from the national power grid of the country with a power of 90 megawatts along with the distribution network of 20 kw inside the region
15- Existence of digital telephone center with 2000 numbers
16- Attracting domestic and foreign capital
17- Creating a field of activity to increase exports
18- Reducing production costs with the aim of entering competitive international markets
19. Compliance with the labor law of free and industrial zones in special areas
20- Entry of production line machinery and office furniture without customs duties