Employment permit conditions for foreign nationals

on the basis of articles 40 to 45 of the sixth chapter of the law and regulations on the employment of human resources, insurance and social security in the free and special economic zones:
   1- All employers who apply for the employment of foreign nationals in the Sirjan Economic Visa Zone are required, after obtaining the agreement of the region regarding the duration of issuance, extension or renewal of the work permit of each foreign national, on the basis of the said period, deposit the amount of one million rials (Iranian currency) to obtain the permit, file an application on the account of the region and deliver the receipt to the region. Note: The monthly fee for the work permit is collected upon issuance, renewal and renewal of the license, and the amount is the same in all three cases.
2- If the cooperative relationship between the employer and the foreigner ends for any reason before the expiry of the validity of the work permit, no part of the fees paid will be returned to the employer.
3- The deposit of money by the applicant before the favorable opinion of the special region concerning the issue, extension or renewal of the work permit (and its duration) has been obtained, will not create any obligation for the special region to issue the permit.
4- If the work permit of a foreigner expires and the employer does not take timely measures to extend or renew it, the employer is obliged to cancel his unauthorized employment (employment without a permit) every day in accordance with note 26 of the budget law 1384 (2005) on free and special zones pay an amount equal to 5 times the daily minimum wage of a simple worker as a fine.