The objectives of the creation of the special economic zone of Sirjan

The objectives of the creation of the special economic zone of Sirjan
   In our country, in recent decades, the creation of special economic zones has attracted the attention of planners, and the creation of such zones has been at the top of the government's agenda. Special Economic Zones including Sirjan Special Economic Zone, having been established as a major economic hub, play a vital role in domestic and foreign economic, social, political and trade system. The establishment of the Sirjan Special Economic Zone will not only provide the foundation to attract necessary industries to the province and provincial investment and create jobs, but due to the special strategic conditions, this region is considered the largest market in industrial capital of the country.
In other words, the objectives of establishing the Sirjan Special Economic Zone:
1- Increase the country's foreign exchange earnings by promoting the country's commercial level and re-exports
2- Increase employment and create new job opportunities and train a skilled workforce for the country
3- Attract domestic and foreign capital
4- Attract cutting-edge technology
5- Increase the skill level of the workforce through the use of advanced technologies
6- Diversify export products and therefore develop the country's exports
7- Improve as much as possible the level of the region and its efficiency in the economic fields of the country
8- To create an important role in solving the existing problems and obstacles of the industries located in the province of Kerman and the city of Sirjan
9- Establish an economic relationship between the countries of Central Asia and the Indian Ocean through the Sirjan Special Economic Zone
10- Expansion of trade relations with the countries of the Persian Gulf as well as with the countries of Central Asia such as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan
11- Contribute to expanding the active role of Turkshor in the trade of the region, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf
12- Creation of warehouse and storage activities
13- Preparation of land and provision of necessary infrastructure to attract industrial investment in the region
14- Provide favorable transit services to increase the transit of goods through Iran.
It should be noted that the predetermined objectives in the definition of paragraph "d" of note 25 of the law establishing free zones in 2018 were determined on the following three axes:
A: Support for national productions
B: Evolution of non-oil exports
C: Create mobility in the regional economy.
According to the above subjects and the objectives of the Sirjan Special Economic Zone, it can be said that: the purpose of the law is to support the production and also the production of goods for the domestic consumption of the country and the development of exports and the creation of mobility in the economy of the city, all the import needs of industries and society, including administrative regulations governing the customs of the country and without restrictions on the purchase of foreign currency under certain easy conditions by the foreign sellers and producers or their Iranian partners to enter this special production and trade zone, so that industrial managers and businessmen from Iran and neighboring countries can buy their basic needs in this region with the most procedures. Simplest and shortest lead times, and this possibility is an international import and export point, as well as a huge warehouse of all kinds of import and export goods for the country and neighboring countries, especially the countries of Central Asia.
Therefore, it can be said that the purpose of establishing special economic zones is to support domestic production, develop non-oil exports, attract domestic and foreign investment, process goods and goods in transit, attract technology, create productive jobs and mobility in the regional economy.