Legal advantages of investing in the Zone

Legal advantages of investing in the Zone.
1- No need to obtain joint permits from various departments for economic, civil, construction, cultural, educational and service activities in Sirjan Special Zone. The organization in charge of the special area replaces all the associated devices and issues the necessary authorizations directly.
   2- Authorization to register a joint-stock company to operate in the special zone with any amount of participation of foreign shareholders.
   3- Exclusion of production and service activities from the inclusion of labor law and compliance with the laws and regulations of the free zones of the country in terms of employment of labor and labor relations, insurance and social security.
   4- Exemption of producers of goods and services from the payment of any type of current taxes in the country, including consolidation taxes.
   5- Exemption from the payment of import duties for products manufactured in the region upon entry into the country up to the total value added and the value of raw materials and internal parts used in the manufactured product.
   6- The possibility of exporting manufactured products with added value to the mainland (inside the country) after paying the corresponding import duties.
   7- Nothing opposes the handing over of all or part of the goods imported into the region to third parties subject to the presentation of a negotiable warehouse receipt issued by the special regional body.
   8- Low storage costs of goods and raw materials.
   9- There is no obstacle to the long-term stoppage of all kinds of goods and raw materials entering the region and there is no need to worry about their abandonment.
   10- The possibility of transit and re-export of goods imported into the region with a minimum of administrative formalities.
   11- Issuance of separate negotiable warehouse receipts by the regional body.
   12- Issuance of the certificate of origin for goods leaving the region by the regional body.
   13- No need to submit a declaration and an export license for the return of raw materials and foreign parts that have been transported to the country to be processed, transformed, supplemented or repaired after entering the region.
14- Existence of work units and employment services in the zone .