In 2001, it was registered in the city of Sirjan under the management of Mr. Hossein Salehi under number 1307 and started to operate with the construction of factories in the Sirjan Special Economic Zone.

The driving force of the company includes garden tractors called Goldoni model EURO 50B and EURO PARS 420 with Italian Lombardine engine and EURO PARS paddy, agricultural and garden tractors from 20 to 160 hp in models 20, 254, 404, 604, 704, 824 and 1454 are differential pairs.

The company's products are backed by a full one-year warranty and ten-year after-sales service warranty, which is provided by an extensive network of agencies throughout Iran. The dealer network is required to provide free user training, perform PDI operations (operations before tractor delivery to the customer), and perform three free services within one year.

The production machines of Sirjan Civil Tractor Manufacturing Company have valid certificates such as OECD certificate, sometimes EMARK certificate, test and quality certificates from Agricultural Mechanization Development Center and numbering license and presentation of an official document by the deputy of the NAJA and also receiving the international code N5B for production plants. They come from the SAE organization. The company is also proud to receive a National Consumer Rights Certificate.