Iran Oil Products Company established the largest vegetable oil factory in Iran and the Middle East in the Sirjan Free Zone.
This factory uses the most advanced technologies in this industry.
The Frico plant consists of the following units.
1. Crude oil tanks with a total capacity of 24,000 tonnes.

2. Vegetable oil refinery with a capacity of 800 tons per day and 250,000 tons per year of the finished product.

3. Emergency power station with a capacity of 2000 kW.

4. Boilers with a fixed capacity of 40 cubic meters per hour.

5. 2500 kWh regional electrical substation and distribution network equipment.

6. One liter and 3-liter polyethylene and PET bottles manufacturing unit.

7. Water supply, storage, and distribution facilities.

8. Unit for the production of gaseous hydrogen from natural gas with a capacity of 1500 cubic meters of hydrogen.

9. Unit for the production of fatty acids from soap paste with a capacity of 50 tonnes of fatty acids per day.

ten. Firefighter equipment.

11. Equipped control and research laboratories.

12. Electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation repair shop.

13. Packaging unit for liquid and solid vegetable oils in metal polyethylene containers.

14. Mosque, community, offices, social and technical buildings.

15. At least 500 people are directly involved in the project during operation.

16. Each year, $ 50,000,000 represents the added exchange value of the plant's products and the foreign exchange investment is amortized in a short period of time.